Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Marine Recruiter

(This is the first story that I got permission to publish. It was originally posted at First Time Gay (Flickr group).)

I was a Marine recruiter living in Iowa... 27 yrs old. My gf left for college and I was alone for months on end without her. I lived in an apartment & my next door neighbor Dan and I got along pretty good. we would catch some ball games on his tv a few times a month. He had a girl friend as well but she did not live w/him.

About 2 months into my not getting any stage... Dan & I was watching a Saturday football game.. the game was one sided and got boring so he plugged in a porno flick. When I saw that I told him I could screw a fence post right now and that it wasn't a smart thing to do. He just laughed and tossed me a hand towell and said don't sweat it... if you wanna just get off here.

I was stiff.... and he dropped on the couch and dropped his sweat pants to the floor.... no underware.... he was hard too but his was quite larger than I. I slid my pants down and just kinda rubbed myself through my underware... He was like really stroking on his... he put some hand cream on and was working it pretty good. I wasn't staring but did do a lot of glancing.... I mean I had seen guys dicks before in the showers but never hard like that.

He told me to drop my shorts - quit being so fucking shy..... I was wanting to work it so I did.... dropped em down to my ankles and was standing straight up.... he was looking at me.... said wow.. nice cock.... can I feel it? before I could answer his left hand was on it. Felt damn nice..... before I knew it he leaned down and it was in his mouth... I just well pushed upwards and told him I couldn't last - I was soo horny that I was going to cum.. he just kept the up and down and I grabbed his head and came.... and came and came.

Dan left in his mouth til I went soft then just kinda licked the head and smiled... now you feel better.... well yeah.

I was getting a regret feeling... He asked if I wanted to feel him.... I did... it was soooo hard and big.... guess a good 8 inches and thick. I moved my hand up and down and he suggested I put it in my mouth. I resisted .....I mean in the Marines you can get kicked out for just thinking about this shit....

He must of got a bit pissed bout it - cause he said he was taking a "cold" shower... to clean up before I left. I sat there a couple minutes - heard the shower kick on - the movie was still going and I was beginning to like get hard again. I got to thinking bout what he did and realized it wasn't a big deal... my gf did it all the time to me.. and who the hell would know if I did him.I went to the bathroom - good door was opened - looked in - saw his profile in the glass doors. he has soaped his dick up and was stroking it long and hard.... I inched forward - yanked off my shirt and opened the door.... he looked at me.. I went in.... he pushed on my shoulders downward... then I was looking at the huge thing in front of me... he pushed forward I opened and it was in my mouth.... if felt even harder in my mouth.... I just sat there and he worked in and out. I did tastes some precum - pretty good actually. It did not last too long cause the hot water had now turned to cold - so he turned it off - I stood up and he gave me a towell and dried me off and told me to go to his bed he would be there in a second.

After I tossed him another towell - I took off as he told me to do. Laid on his bed... my dick at full attention again. He came in a minute later and told me to turn over so he could fuck me..... I couldn't believe what he said... so he told me again.. John... flip over on you stomach - I want to fuck you... I heard him for sure... noooo Dan... don't think sooooo... geeze you are way too big.. never ever done that nnoooo come on over here and I will suck you some more....

Dan got up on the bed took my ankles and began to twist em.. come on John.... you will love this.. Promise!..... relunctanctly... I did turn over.. all the time... I am thinking - I could stop it anytime it didn't feel right.

He pulled me up on my knees and I felt his tongue on my ass and in my ass... I froze.... wow did that feel nice...

After a few minutes his finger and then two fingers and more was working on me back there.... at times they felt nice but also was a bit painful well not painful just uncomfortable I guess. After a few minutes he said I was ready... I tensed up just thinking about what was about to happen. He put something slippery on my ass and was working me more with his fingers.... then he told me spin around... I did so.... he put his cock in my mouth and I got him even harder. He gave me tube of some lube and told me to get him very slippery... I put some on his head and moved my fist around it a few times... gave him the tube back. He told me I had better put some on his shaft and all the way back to his pubes cause that is how far he was going in me....... gave me the tube back - I put an ample amount in my hand and worked it from front to back.... still not believing it would ever fit inside of me...

Done - I turned back around and laid on my stomach... he pulled my ass backward to him...... I felt it on my hole..... wow it was hot and so hard.... felt him push.....(it felt like he was trying to put his elbow in me) I was about to complain and back out when he announce the head was in..... didn't believe him... I put my hand back there to feel... and sure enough all I could feel was his shaft.... so I relaxed a bit.. he just kinda left it there.

I felt him pull all the way out..... felt some what empty now.... he put some more lube on my ass and felt it back against me again and the push..... wow.... this time bout half way there... let me catch my breath and then all the way in...... I fell into the bed on my stomach and he was laying ontop me. It wasn't painful but it was more scary for me. We laid like that for a couple minutes and he pulled all the way back out. Pulled me up on my knees - this time he said he was too fucking horny that he was not going to last long...... he was at my hole again and all the way in with a single stroke... felt nice real nice. He began to slowly working it in and out..... real nice now.... really was liking it and then he let out a Augggghhhhhhhh shit..... I am cumming..... he plowed deep into me and was shaking the whole bed. I felt him jerk inside of mee... throbbing there..... we lay like that for several minutes... he was sweating and I was just laying there... I felt him going soft and before I knew it he slipped out....

Okay so that was my first experience and we had a few other ones...even after that... we fell asleap and I woke up with him pushing against me.... but guess that would be another storey.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Stories to come ...

This blog was started for people to share their stories of their first time engaging in gay sex or their first time trying something new within gay sex. Send me your stories at gsparty69two@yahoo.com and I will post them here. You may be as graphic as you like.